The Eardrummer

Audio sample of crowd applauding + M4L Buffer Shuffler + Resonators w/ modulated frequency. (Ableton Live)

Pitch-shifted audio sample. (Audacity)

2 Operator instruments, Max PolyBeat, Ping Pong Delay. (Ableton Live)

2 tracks of the same bassline, phase-shifted. (Ableton Live, Audacity)

2 Analog instruments, sawtooth LFO controlling the VCA of the bassline. (Ableton Live)

2 Analog instrument sequences (16/16 and 15/16), one of them put into Beat Repeat. (Ableton Live)

Piano sampler (LFO-controlled LPF), vocoder, and AutoPan. (Ableton Live)

30-70 Hz sine waves, Max PolyBeat, grain delay. (Pure Data, Ableton Live, M4L)

8-12 kHz sine waves, Max PolyBeat. (Pure Data, Ableton Live, M4L)

Dedicated to that guy who’s drilling concrete walls in the apartment upstairs today - this track wouldn’t be possible without you.

Drill noise samples, Max PolyBeat, Flanger. (Zoom H2n, Ableton Live, M4L)